November 20, 2016

Get the personalized Moscow mule mugs at your service at!

You will really enjoy your Moscow Mule when it is being made in the personalized Moscow mule mugs. No matter even if you are a home-bar rookie or a master chef yourself, you will certainly love the name of your loved one on the mug.

The personalized Moscow mule mugs can also be given as housewarming and wedding gifts to others or you can add something as a personalized statement to your kitchen as well. When you personalize the mule mugs for yourself, you can enjoy the mule drinks with full confidence. Some of the copper mugs in best price are available on

Feel the tinge; get a mule mug!

The traditional utensil for serving the Moscow Mule drink is the copper mug. The warm and rustic beauty of the utensil can surely make you feel happy. Even a single sip of the drink is highly refreshing. The copper mugs are made in personalized and classical designs and most prominently available on Here you can find the cheap Moscow mule mugs that are made up of 100% copper material and lined with nickel plating. They can be hand washed and do not rust easily with water. The copper mugs can be kept new by cleaning them with the mixture of copper and salt. 

copper mugs

moscow mule mugs

Get great taste with all comfort in a mule mug!
Taste of Mule mixes was never better before being served in the personalized Moscow Mule mugs. For mule mixes, personalized copper mugs are the really best option. They can enhance the flavor of the drink within no time. The copper in the mug itself reacts with the lime in the mule mixture and gives it a particular tinge which is never felt in any other utensil. So, get cheap copper cups now and enjoy your mule drink.

July 10, 2016

Online shopping: Get all what you want!

No doubt, the physical stores have a huge array of products. They can hold as many items as can be accommodated. But there are policy issues as well which largely affect the availability of the products. For example, some of the items are present only on big shops or in the malls, but with onlineshopping there is no such restriction. This version of shopping also permits you to look for different products which you might not be able to get at a physical store. You can also look for those products, which can nearly never go together like the canes and the quilts.

Take quick shopping decisions without giving a second thought!
One more problem with physical stores is that they usually lure their clients for buying different things. They advertise themselves by using the posters, sales messages, and the colorful placements, which permit them to purchase the additional items. The most famous products are usually found at the backside of the store because the owners want you to view all the products before making any decision. People might also purchase additional items instead of just purchasing the thing that they had come for.

online shopping is the online store, which is pronounced devoid of all these tactics. This means you can do shopping without any pressures and purchase what you want!

June 10, 2016

Online Shopping Trend Increasing in Pakistan

Buying and selling is always a very difficult task, yocu have to leave your house and have to visit the whole market to get the best deals and good products that can fulfill your demands and needs. Specially for women in Pakistan, they have to visit the market even if they need to buy only one product and for this they have to travel a lot and sometimes they need public transport which is not upto the mark. But with the growing online market, now it is very easy to buy your product online and the seller will deliver it to your doorstep. You can search on internet using your laptops or even your smartphone for the best price and you can also check the reviews of the people about that specific seller. After selecting your product you can place an order and seller will contact you and will deliver the product to your doorstep either by courier service or by himself in big cities. This trend of online shopping is also increasing in Pakistan, there are very good websites which are offering online buying and selling facilities to their visitors. 

DARAZ.PK is one good example where you can buy your desired product from a wide range of available opitons. Then Kaymu.Pk is also a good option where you can not only buy your product but also you can sell your product. You can create you own store at and start selling your products. OLX.Com.Pk is also a good option where you can find your desired product and then you can meet the seller personally at any location in your city and can buy the product after checking it. All these websites are doing good business and consumers are facilitated to buy and sell online without visiting your local market. 

June 08, 2016

Mule mugs: Copper is really the best choice!

The act of drinking is considered as a real practice by which people can come close to each other and have fun. A great alcoholic drink is much more than the alcohol just swished up together to form your favorite mixture. Mule mugs are the best accessory, which can intensify all the human senses because of their great aromas and presentations.

People are usually fond of the legend of the Moscow Mule and they consider it a standout among other alcoholic drinks. Moscow Mule is considered as one of the best ones, but the real taste lies in the mule mugs. These mugs are considered as an essential element required for proper presentation.

Here are some of the benefits of using these mugs:

Right temperature:

The most exotic benefit of using these mugs is that they provide the right temperature. It has been known since centuries that the best drinkers have used copper mugs for giving that extra-cool sensation. These metal cups always take up the correct temperature, which is required for the cocktail.

Taste benefit:

Although it is a known fact that the taste is dependent upon the temperature, but it is also a fact that the mule mugs are known for increasing the flavor of the drink. Some of the experts have deciphered the fact that when the vodka in the drink touches the copper of the mug, it begins to oxidize and boost up the aroma of the drink.

The overall experience:

The most obvious reason why one should use the mule mugs is the element of presentation. The best part of any well-made drink is the utensil in which it is served rather than any other thing. These mugs impart a highly distinctive look to the drink and make the people attracted towards them.

Mule mugs are really the best choices by which the mule recipe can get its real flavor. There is no doubt that if one really wants to enjoy this drink, then these mugs are the best!

copper mule mugs
Copper Mugs

copper mugs for moscow mule
Copper Mugs

Advanced Mixology offers the best deals on which these mugs can be availed. These mugs are available on good prices and are offered with free shipping facility.

November 29, 2012

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November 23, 2012

Nokia C3-01 User Opinions

The Nokia C3-01 is just a simple phone and its intimidating name should not scare you off. The features on this phone such as the touch screen and software are quite basic. So if you are for the simple kind of life, this is the gadget to grab.

Over the years Nokia has built a huge following in Pakistan and indeed across the world. The Nokia C3-01 Price in Pakistan is very affordable. It has particularly been suitable for those who want to join the league of smart phone owners. The navigation of the phone is interesting in that does not have the common navigation button. Everything you want is on the screen and you just have to poke at it.

The users of the phone have also been gladdened by the updated user interface which is now more interaction enabled. If you have been having problems typing on the screens of other models things are set to change with this one. In a bid to strike a balance between the love for classical appearance and modern efficiency the on screen buttons are now easier to use while the menus and icons still portray the familiarity of Nokia.
Some of the users of this phone have complained about the touch screen being resistive, saying that it should be better than that. Also, the software has manufacturers have received quite a measure of backlash concerning the effectiveness of the software. Particularly, the transitions and animations are said to be jerky. Even the networking applications such as Facebook and twitter load too slowly. According to a majority of the Nokia C3-01 users, the manufacturers should not have bothered putting these applications.

In this age of advanced phone technology, application switching and multitasking capabilities are aspects you cannot risk to ignore. But with the C3-01 this feature is, whenever you close an application you cannot get it in the background. Even more, it can take many seconds before it can actually close down. Those who continue using this phone must be a very patient lot.

Even though the low Nokia mobile prices in Pakistan can land you to great bargains, this phone is not very recommendable. It can only suit you if your main aim is messages and calls because it good looking and sleek. When compared to other candy bar phones of the same price range, the Nokia C3-01 scores very highly. Overall this phone is seen to appeal those who are conservatives but just want something fresh.