November 23, 2012

Nokia C3-01 User Opinions

The Nokia C3-01 is just a simple phone and its intimidating name should not scare you off. The features on this phone such as the touch screen and software are quite basic. So if you are for the simple kind of life, this is the gadget to grab.

Over the years Nokia has built a huge following in Pakistan and indeed across the world. The Nokia C3-01 Price in Pakistan is very affordable. It has particularly been suitable for those who want to join the league of smart phone owners. The navigation of the phone is interesting in that does not have the common navigation button. Everything you want is on the screen and you just have to poke at it.

The users of the phone have also been gladdened by the updated user interface which is now more interaction enabled. If you have been having problems typing on the screens of other models things are set to change with this one. In a bid to strike a balance between the love for classical appearance and modern efficiency the on screen buttons are now easier to use while the menus and icons still portray the familiarity of Nokia.
Some of the users of this phone have complained about the touch screen being resistive, saying that it should be better than that. Also, the software has manufacturers have received quite a measure of backlash concerning the effectiveness of the software. Particularly, the transitions and animations are said to be jerky. Even the networking applications such as Facebook and twitter load too slowly. According to a majority of the Nokia C3-01 users, the manufacturers should not have bothered putting these applications.

In this age of advanced phone technology, application switching and multitasking capabilities are aspects you cannot risk to ignore. But with the C3-01 this feature is, whenever you close an application you cannot get it in the background. Even more, it can take many seconds before it can actually close down. Those who continue using this phone must be a very patient lot.

Even though the low Nokia mobile prices in Pakistan can land you to great bargains, this phone is not very recommendable. It can only suit you if your main aim is messages and calls because it good looking and sleek. When compared to other candy bar phones of the same price range, the Nokia C3-01 scores very highly. Overall this phone is seen to appeal those who are conservatives but just want something fresh. 

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